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About NMSource

By leveraging experience as head of legal operations, general counsel, and legal technology and ALSP leadership, we ensure the right people at the right price using the right tools are engaged from top of the license lawyers to technical assets who can run legal systems and interpret data to mitigate risk. Sample use cases include: contract management, secondments, overflow work, regulatory and compliance project management, corporate governance, outsourced chief legal officers, M & A, and transition services agreement strategy and post-acquisition support.

Commercial contract volume and complexity are increasing significantly to keep up with the growth in technology, regulation, and globalization. The Contract Lifecycle Management Software space has attracted billions in investments, but the vast majority of the corporations have not successfully implemented these systems.

NMSource draws upon our experience in-house, negotiating contracts for some of the largest global companies, and successfully implementing a variety of CLMs to provide a holistic and collaborative approach to contracts to ensure that the right level of talent is engaged, and the technology tools effectively support the team.

The ability to find and retain high-quality legal talent has never been more challenging. COVID-19 and the great reassessment or resignation have accelerated a trend for talented attorneys and legal operations professionals to seek more flexible working arrangements than traditionally offered by corporate law and law firms. NMSource affordably augments your staff when needed due to short-term, long-term leaves, or peaks in projects/volume that cannot be served by current headcount.

Why NMSource?

  • Law firm delivery, quality control, & management.
  • On demand, on time, within budget.
  • A recent survey of more than 1,000 general counsel found that over 88% are having their budgets reduced even though their workloads are increasing by 25%.
  • 57% of 10,000 in-house attorneys in a recent survey said they would consider taking a new job in the coming year.
  • 90% of corporate legal department lawyers and staff stated that they had difficulty using adopted legal technology.